Study and Explore Your Team's Cases

Case Swarm lets you explore common work or study problems and scenarios – also known as case studies - in a structured and social way.

  • In the troubleshooting mode, Case Swarm can help 2 or more people review and explore the interesting or even tricky case studies that reflect problems or scenarios faced. These case studies can be explored as real, current challenges – in situations where one worker really does want the best thinking of a group of peers in addressing a problem.
  • In the expert resolution mode, Case Swarm allows the presentation of a case study resolved by an expert. This mode encourages exploration and reflection on the case by a team in order to share and encourage better understanding and to help all involved “sing from the same song book” in future.

Case Swarm releases the inner problem solvers in your team, and lets defined teams explore case studies in a safe, structured and secure web environment.

Case Swarm Key Benefits

Facilitates social learning.

Guided collaboration on cases leads to results – and does so in a fun and interesting way.

Delivers peace of mind.

Standards for dealing with tricky business problems are encouraged and reinforced.

Engages the internal experts.

Those in the know are case facilitators – or can help with case troubleshooting.

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