Features Benefits
24/7 available online environment Enables effective collaboration towards case study resolution within a team - whether all are at the same location or distributed around the globe – can
Facilitates presenting case information in a standard and easy-to-navigate format Promotes a consistent way to think about and address the usual problems of work in a fun and social way
Helps troubleshoot real-to-life cases that pose challenges to a work team Drives rapid resolution, creating outstanding customer and employee experiences and engendering loyalty
Helps guide reflection and engagement with real-to-life work problems/experiences Drives deeper learning of work problem/experience resolution – introducing both a methodology and delivering actual resolutions
Supports identification of “best resolutions” to work problems/experiences Helps surface and retain deep corporate knowledge
Enables use of a range of materials and media (documents/video) to deliver work problem/experience information Supports multimodal learning and learning stickiness, so that learners will remember and act according to (a) resolved standard(s)
Provides a voice to every “swarm” member, including those traditionally quiet in live interaction Leaves no person behind, and ensures that the best thinking and action is brought to bear in real-to-life work problems/experiences
Facilitates self-evaluation of performance and development of commitments to change Drives towards results and fundamental behavioural changes that accelerate customer appreciation and business growth
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