Frequently Asked Questions

Can you create a custom plan for me?

Absolutely! Want more file storage for ancillary uploaded files to support your cases? Want Case Swarm privately installed within your own IT infrastructure? We can create a custom plan that fits your particular needs. Just drop us an email and we will take care of it.

Will I lose the data when upgrading to the paid account?

No, all the data that you entered in your free trial account will remain - the transaction is seamless and no information is deleted on upgrade.

Do you store my credit card data?

No, we do not store or have access to your credit card information. All payments are handled through PayPal, and your payments are subject to their practices and policies.

Where is my data is stored?

Your data is stored on servers available to Sandbox Software Solutions, a web technologies company based in Canada. Servers are domiciled in Canada. Servers have a high up-time, and the Sandbox service commitments for up-time are such that you will likely never experience an unplanned outage. From time to time, Case Swarm may be unavailable for short maintenance periods, but these maintenance periods will be planned and all users appropriately notified with 72 hours advance notice.

How is billing managed?

We keep it simple – and hope that you will too. Because Case Swarm, by definition, is social, when you sign up after the free trial, you will be asked to set up paid accounts for each member of your swarm. The names and email addresses you enter will form the basis of the user count for your bill, whether or not these people participate actively in a case. You may remove swarm members by “hiving” them; hived members won’t have access to any cases, but will be able to request reinstatement under the primary account held by their Company or organization. Members may be added to a swarm account by the administrator, in which case fees apply for each month, including the current one, for which they are registered with the system.

How do you make sure a single company, with multiple units, gets the best Case Swarm pricing per user?

Our system will scan across the field called “business” or “organization”, and as long as we can make matches, will offer the best price based on total number of users per organization. When you sign up for a paid Case Swarm account, and enter your company’s name, you will see an attempt to match to an existing company in our system. If the system is correct, confirm this, and per user pricing models will adjust to the total users from the company, including adjusting pricing for other departments or units if a new user threshold for discount is crossed.

However, this is not a flawless business process – especially if there are minor differences in how different Swarm administrators from the same company enter the company’s name. If you feel you haven’t been given the right per user pricing, please contact us; we’ll investigate and correct promptly.

How do I cancel our Case Swarm account?

We’ll be awfully sorry to see you go, but cancellation of an account can be controlled by the Case Swarm administrator for your department/unit/company. You can cancel your subscription directly from your PayPal account or within the system. Cancellations are typically on a swarm then all related cases basis, so if your department cancels a subscription, it will take effect on the renewal date, but not affect other departments who continue to value the service. Because services are provided monthly and paid for in advance, any cancellation between billing periods will only take effect on the first day of the next billing period.

Please note that as of the effective date of cancellation (see above), the information contained within existing or archived cases will be lost.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, but because services are provided monthly and paid for in advance, any cancellation between billing periods will only take effect on the first day of the next billing period. On that date, Case Swarm system access will be revoked.

How do I add someone from a different department/unit/company to my case?

If the person is already a paid user of Case Swarm, you may search by name in the administrator tools (exact Case Swarm name and email match is required for privacy/security reasons), and extend an invite to join a case. The system will issue an email inviting the user to join the case, and when the user follows an accept link, will be approved to participate in that case. This functionality is provided on a case by case basis. Note that the affected user(s) are still paid for by their originating department, unless other arrangements are honorably made.

If you need to change the assignment of responsibility for payment from one department to another, this may be achieved through the Account tools available to Case Swarm administrators. Affected users will be emailed by the system to confirm the new assignment of payment responsibility.

If the proposed user is not currently a Case Swarm user, usual methods of inviting and accepting payment responsibility for the user apply.

How is my data backed up?

We backup your data nightly to a server domiciled separately from the primary server hosting Case Swarm. Again, all servers are in Canada.

What about data security?

Your data communication is encrypted by 256-bit High-grade Encryption.

What browsers can work with Case Swarm?

Internet Explorer: Version 9 and above
Mozilla Firefox (for Mac and Windows): Version 3.5 and above
Google Chrome (for Mac and Windows): Version 7.0.517 and above
Safari (for Mac): Version 5.0.2 and above

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