What Case Swarm Will Do For...

Case Swarm is a versatile platform that can support case-based learning across a wide range of applications. The solution has been crafted in an abstract way so that it can immediately make a difference for a wide range of teams seeking to troubleshoot or standardize approach to problem resolution.

The list below speaks to just a few of the possible applications of Case Swarm:

Customer service managers

Case Swarm will allow you to explore scenarios in customer service management through structured reflection, participation and contribution. Set up a case for your team that speaks to a recent scenario resolved just right – or explore a case that has yet to be fully resolved.


Case Swarm will facilitate exploration of real court cases and nuanced points of law in a study group or with law students. Reveal the case, find out what each member of the group considers important (or would do), and present resolutions found by the court or arbitrators. Or, explore the wisdom of a spread-out team of lawyers in an upcoming case, collecting best ideas and working through various alternatives to help build better cases for your clients.

Healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals are used to training with cases throughout their education and continuing education. Case Swarm provides a simplified structure that lets a patient case story be deeply explored and reflected upon – with modes for expert resolution or, if warranted, for true exploration of something puzzling within a group of experts. Rare diseases? Unusual symptoms? Case Swarm can help you drive home learning about patient care.

Call centre employees

Handling ruffled purchasers? Outbound selling? Case Swarm helps you explore, through structured reflection and dialogue, how to handle the challenges of inbound or outbound calling. Through presentation of interesting call scenarios, including possibilities for audio uploads, callers can learn more about best methods to get past the barriers. Case Swarm builds effective and enduring learning for call centre employees.

University/college students

Looking to troubleshoot a case presented in class or in the textbook? Or trying to drive practical application skills amongst students? Case Swarm provides tools for both professors and students to enable exploration of real-world scenarios or even hypothetical case studies, and because it is online 24/7, allows for asynchronous participation amongst all members of a student team.

Software developers

Hoping to improve knowledge management? Case Swarm can help software developers share problem and coding experiences. Outline the problem, invite contributions from other developers, and either choose the best of what was suggested or provide a learning experience to the juniors on the team.


Looking to support on the go skills training after the formal training? Hoping to help troubleshoot common objections? Or aiming to create mentorship amongst seniors and juniors on a sales team? Case Swarm can facilitate all of these goals through its provision of a constantly available online environment that helps structure examples – good and bad – of great sales experiences and techniques.

Don’t see your application here? Contact our community relations department – info@caseswarm.com – to see how Case Swarm can drive results in your organization!

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Last published: 8/16/2021 11:29 AM