Why Case Swarm Works

Humans love stories. And we love hearing about true-to-life scenarios that were faced by our colleagues and friends. It’s the stuff of parties. And it’s the best stuff of corporate training.

Case Swarm is a web software environment that standardizes the exploration of work problems or experiences – what we call “cases”. These cases can be stories of experiences had by others that have either left things unsettled, or they can be retrospectives on experiences interesting enough (because they represent scenarios others might fact) to warrant sharing. The platform helps members of a work team reflect on an experience or scenario (whether real or anticipated), propose solutions, and, if available, presents information reflecting expert resolution of the case.

Case Swarm:

  • Promotes consistency in future handling of work problems and/or experiences
  • Shows respect to those most capable of addressing work problems – those who live them
  • Enables understanding of the variety of options for work problem/experience handling
  • Helps engage those close to work problems/experiences in troubleshooting
  • Drives deeper learning of work problem/experience resolution through guided dialog
  • Helps surface deep corporate knowledge
  • Enables identification of new problems/experiences worthy of next consideration
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Last published: 8/16/2021 11:29 AM